Alicia was born on January 22, 1977 by the usual method of adding water and shaking vigorously. She attended the normal institutions during her youth, having educators optimistically commenting that she would achieve great things if she only applied herself. Great things aside, drawing silly pictures and building things out of cardboard held far more potential in her mind.

It was said by her mother on a number of occasions that Alicia was born in a barn which may be one possible reason why she was always drawn to animals. An unexplained love for fish resulted in hoarding like enthusiasm and she was never known to deny a cockatiel a shower and a blow dry. From giving a hippo a gum rub, to wet kisses with a giraffe, to holding hands and chatting with an elder spider monkey, there wasn't a mammal, reptile, fish or bird that she wasn't interested in getting to know. Except crunchy bugs, Alicia doesn't do crunchy bugs.

While pondering the question “what came first, the chicken or the egg”, Alicia decided to side with the chicken and paint a picture of its glorious frock. It turns out that she was right because the chicken did come first in a long list of animals whose portraits were painted in the years after that. And so, with her purpose realized, she applied herself and achieved great things.




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