Would you like a painting of your pet or a specific animal? Then perhaps a commission is the perfect choice for you! MATERIALS

All paintings are made with acrylic paint on a 1.5" deep gallery canvas. The sides of the canvas are painted to match the background colour so there is no need pay for expensive framing for your work of art if you choose. If you would like to frame your painting, I can suggest some options that will suit your needs.


From the beggining, I want to make sure you are completely happy with your painting. Photos are sent to me by email or snail mail of a specific pose you would like painted or a variety of different photos so I can help you figure out which one will work best.

We will decide together on what background colour, pose and layout will look best for your portrait. I create a mock-up of the painting in Photoshop and once approved, the painting can begin!

Golden Retriever  

Once a painting has started, it will be done in one week, two if the painting is large or more complicated. Although the turn-around time is quick, it is recommended you do not wait until last minute to order your commission. Priority is given to paintings that have already been ordered and need to be done for a required deadline. If your painting request needs to be shipped, please don't forget to allow extra time for the postal or delivery services to do their part.
Still have a question that you would like me to answer about creating a commission for you? Please email me directly and I will work with you to find you a solution to getting you a wonderful piece of art in your home. Contact me at COMMISSION PRICING

Square Sizes
12"x12" - $250.00
14"x14" - $300.00
16"x16" - $350.00
18"x18" - $375.00
24"x24" - $545.00
36"x36" - $900.00

Rectangular Sizes
12"x16" - $300.00
12"x24" - $375.00
16"x20" - $375.00
18"x24" - $450.00
20"x40" - $715.00
24"x36" - $715.00
30"x40" - $900.00
Please note that prices increase if multiple pets are added to a single canvas. This could also affect to timeline in which your painting could be ready for. Please contact me for a quote. Prices to do not include taxes or shipping.